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Electric Communication

In the age of the ‘digital natives’, the all-encompassing use of information and communication technologies is as natural as brushing your teeth. In a market characterised by fierce competition, the demands on functionality, weight and surface durability of numerous products are increasing. New looks with a refined appearance and, for example, black high-gloss surfaces characterise whole design lines. Their resilience is intended to be invisible in the optically high-quality devices. Fracture-resistant materials, high mechanical resilience and electromagnetic shielding are decisive factors for the functionality of devices and components that Nanogate GfO Systems enhances for various customers.

N-Metals® Elamet 250 to 1000 Enables the integration of metal EMC shielding coatings in plastic casings and is especially suited to thin-walled components, because their weight is not adversely affected.
N-Metals® Elamet CS Used where soldering is necessary directly on the surface, in order to create lasting and secure contacts.
N-Glaze® Sicralan MRL and MRL UV Improves surface hardness of mouldings made of PC and PMMA. Lower weight, efficient manufacture, fracture resistance and scratchproof properties.
N-Glaze® Sicralan DHC Used in display covers: complements scratchproof properties with reflection-reducing characteristics.
N-Metals® Elamet trans For transparent, electrically conductive surfaces.