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Medical Technology

Almost no other industry has such a high R&D rate as medical technology; about a third of all products in this industry are less than three years old. Nevertheless, the demands of medical technology are especially high with regard to cost pressure, performance and safety of the devices and processes used.

Aspects such as long service life, utility value and sterilisation of medical equipment present excellent opportunities for the plastics industry. High-quality surface coatings increase quality with regard to the functionality and reliability of the equipment. A transparent enhancement with N-Glaze® Sicralan increases resistance to chemicals and dirt. For example, thanks to N-Metals® Elamet measuring currents and signals can be transferred error-free and reliably at all times. Measurement and analysis equipment is protected from electromagnetic disturbances, and the coating is physiologically harmless.

N-Metals® Elamet 250 to 1000 Protects analysis and measurement equipment against electromagnetic disturbances (physiologically harmless).
N-Metals® Elamet CS Ensures that measurement currents and signals are transferred error-free and reliably, for example on connectors and sensors.
N-Glaze® Sicralan MRL  Allows sterilisation of plastic components and surfaces with transparent coating.
N-Glaze® Sicralan DHC Coating with reflection-reducing characteristics.
N-Metals® Elamet trans Used in displays and display windows. Achieves excellent electromagnetic shielding with high transparency.