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Plant Technology

The majority of production processes these days are characterised by automation, networking and intelligent module construction. Small, combinable lightweight machine elements – ideally no longer made of metal or glass, but of plastic – allow the implementation of new technology standards.

The smooth control of tools and machines, however, requires a working environment free of electromagnetic disturbances. For the efficient, cost-effective and hard-wearing use of plastic in plant technology, constructed components therefore need to have special properties that meet the exceptional requirements by means of an N-Metals® Elamet and/or N-Glaze® Sicralan enhancement.

N-Metals® Elamet 250-1000 Protects casings with plastic components and displays from electrostatic discharges or electromagnetic radiation.
N-Metals® Elamet 250 P bis 1000 P und N-Metals® Elamet CN For components that are used in a damp environment and which frequently come into contact with chemicals such as aggressive coolants and lubricants.
N-Metals® Elamet CS Used where soldering is necessary directly on the surface, in order to create durable and secure contacts.
N-Glaze® Sicralan MRL und MRL UV Increases the scratchproof properties of display covers, giving the products longer serviceability.
N-Glaze® Sicralan DHC Complements the excellent characteristics of the MRL coating by reducing the reflections, thereby increasing the readability of displays in difficult light conditions.

N-Glaze® Sicralan and N-Metals® Elamet trans can be combined to guarantee electromagnetic compatibility at the same time.