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Nanogate GfO Systems offers a comprehensive technology portfolio and long-standing expertise to best meet the most varied of customer requirements. Our focus is primarily on the enhancement of N-Glaze® components which, as multifunctional plastics with glass-like properties, enable new design variations and which can replace glass and metal in many applications. Within the Nanogate Group, our application centre in Schwäbisch Gmünd uses inkjet technology, which is unique in Europe. Like an inkjet printer, this technology makes it possible to selectively coat transparent and non-transparent plastics without requiring a mask. Nanogate GfO Systems has also been a recognised specialist for the metallisation of plastics for many years (for electronic shielding, for example).

We offer a wide range of coating processes for application with our proven N-Glaze® Sicralan and N-Metals® Elamet surface solutions including PVD (physical vapour deposition) process, flow and spray painting using robot-assisted manufacturing plants in the clean room, and special patented processes.


Under the brand name N-Glaze®, Nanogate GfO Systems offers integrated systems for the development and production of coated components made of transparent, coloured and glazed plastics.

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From individual pieces to large-scale mass production, we enhance your surfaces with metals, oxides and transparent finishes – whether for functional or decorative purposes.

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Inkjet Technology

Inkjet coating is suitable for flat, virtually even small components and all transparent plastic types, and is carried out with appropriate UV finishes.

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N-Glaze® Sicralan

Our innovative, multifunctional scratchproof systems under the N-Glaze® Sicralan brand can be used in the automotive sector, in equipment engineering and for interior design solutions.

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N-Metals® Elamet

Our own N-Metals® Elamet brand can be used for plastic mouldings to enable conductive shielding against electromagnetic disturbances and the application of decorative metallised coatings.

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