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Inkjet Technology

Highly stable value retention, sophisticated design and a perfect appearance are the hallmarks of a premium watch. The Meister Chronometer from Junghans, for example, has a plastic lens whose unusual curvature gives the watch a particular aesthetic. The lens was coated using our technologically advanced inkjet technique.

Inkjet coating is suitable for flat, virtually even small components and all transparent plastic types, and is carried out with appropriate UV finishes. Two-dimensional components are partially coated, without a mask, whereby slightly convex surfaces such as the watch lens can also be enhanced with a transparent protective coating. The coating process takes place in clean room conditions. The inkjet coating combines several properties simultaneously: it makes the lens more scratchproof, more resistant to chemicals and UV light and gives the plastic a deep lustre. A barely visible, transparent coating with a great effect.

There are many areas of application, from scratchproof displays in cars to gear lever plaques to switches in medical technology applications or components for white goods: our multifunctional high-performance surfaces provide numerous industries with new design options.

Advantages of inkjet technology:

  • Top quality
  • Refined, perfect optics
  • Increased resistance to scratches, UV and chemicals
  • Accurately and selectively coated surfaces
  • No handling costs for masking
  • One-third the amount of lacquer used; no overspray whatsoever